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  1. Long-term disability open enrollment begins June 29

    disability-insurance_imageBeginning June 29, 2015 through August 31, 2015 an open enrollment period will be available for Transportation Division members to enroll in the new Voluntary Long-Term Disability (VLTD) Plan.   Members will have two options...
  2. President Clinton Touts Partnership That Creates Jobs With SMART Investment

    clintonFormer President Bill Clinton recently visited the Daily Show to about the Clinton Global Initiative, specifically noting the success of a joint program he used to partner with building trades unions such as SMART which...
  3. White House Endorses PTC Deadline

    njtransitThe White House on Thursday, June 4, endorsed a requirement that U.S. railroads install new safety equipment (Positive Train Control – PTC) by the end of 2015, despite bipartisan efforts in Congress to give passenger...

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